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Email Communication is Critical for Business

In the modern days of the World Wide Web (WWW), dealing with customers via email is pretty much inevitable. While customers enjoy having the option to speak to a person live over the telephone, sometimes internet-only communication (via email) is what works best for them. They may have a work schedule that doesn’t permit communication with your organization via phone during your regular operating hours or they could possibly be phone shy.

It is important that you don’t ignore these customers. If you advertise an email on your website (which you should), you must commit to monitoring that email address on a regular basis. A customer should not have to wait any longer than 12 hours or so for a response (even that may be pushing it). The only problem is, you’re busy running your business and just don’t have time to respond to every customer email as you would like.

That’s where our professional email handling service comes into play. We keep track of your emails, field the simple ones, and alert you or your staff to potentially critical issues, all while making sure that the customer gets the prompt follow-up they expect from an organization of your caliber.

Don’t let those emails fall to the way side. Hire the services of a professional email handling service, such as ourselves today!


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